Microsclerotherapy is one of the most tried and tested thread vein treatments. The treatment involves using tiny needles to inject problem veins with a substance known as a ‘sclerosant’. This destroys the vein making the walls of the veins fibrose (or stick) together. This destroys the lining of the small blood vessels. The body then treats it as a damaged tissue and re-absorbs it. It takes three months to get the main benefit and continues to improve for up to a year.

Microsclerotherapy is superior to laser, IPL, electrolysis or radio-frequency needle technique as it treats not only the thread veins that are visible but any underlying feeding veins, giving a more complete treatment. It is quick, almost painless and cost effective. There have been various published studies comparing laser and microsclerotherapy that have showed you get better results with microsclerotherapy. However the alternative treatments are useful in thread veins of the face and areas above the heart, where gravity does not have an effect on the blood feeding the veins, but they are not a logical treatment for leg thread veins.
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